Wildlife Control Services

Raccoon in a humane trapRichard Varney is a state licensed animal damage control operator and promotes safe, humane responsible wildlife removal.  The rapid expansion of new homes across the state has forced our native wildlife to locate new places to eat and live. When animals enter homes, damage property and become a nuisance to you, please consider calling Advantage Pest Control to solve the problem.

Advantage pest control has been assisting home and business owners with wildlife removal for 13 years. Our primary goal is to provide knowledgeable, friendly service and complete customer satisfaction.

Advantage offers pest exclusion services to help keep unwanted pests from returning to your home after they’ve been removed.  Consider pest exclusion before you have a problem and save yourself money and the emotional stress that comes with sharing your home with unwanted guests.

A few suggestions for Pest Prevention

  • Seal gaps around bulkheads, eaves, widows and doorways
  • Cover attic/appliance vents with heavy gauge screening
  • Do not store firewood and other items next to house
  • Trim branches away from roofline of house
  • Remove bird feeders

Please call feel free to call Advantage with any questions or concerns you may have, if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you. Thank you for considering Advantage pest Control.

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