Restaurant Services

Chef in restaurant kitchenAdvantage pest control is second to none when it comes to providing the highest level of service for restaurants. Our detailed inspections and documentation helps to keep the management informed of all areas of concern and any noted activity.

Restaurant Inspection & Pest Control

Advantage is extremely effective at eliminating problems in new accounts that are frustrated and exhausted with pest issues that their current provider hasn’t been able to solve. Put the burden on our shoulders and watch how quickly your problems are solved, it’s not magic, it’s simply a greater understanding of pest biology and their habits. Our knowledge combined with a specific pest control plan for each restaurant and its building design is the key factors in our long term success.

Advantage concentrates its efforts using integrated pest management; a philosophy that incorporates inspections, documentation, sanitation, exclusion, mechanical methods, biological methods and chemical methods necessary. Attention to detail, pest knowledge and the latest techniques carried out by Advantage Pest Control’s highly skilled technicians make all the difference.

Bio-remediation is paramount to keeping flies from breeding in drains, specifically in kitchens. Regular treatments to drains will help to stop fly problems before they start, it makes all the difference to us and to your over-all quality as a restaurant. Advantage wants to partner with your business today, the atmosphere is nice, the service is good, the food is great and to keep all this from being under minded by pests Advantage pest control is ready to take on that responsibility. Be pro-active and call Advantage today.

Call Advantage today @774-0457 to scheduled an initial inspection and consultation. Thank you for considering Advantage Pest Control.