Warehouse Pest Control

Pest control in warehousesA detailed inspection

The first step Advantage will take in creating a successful pest control program in any warehouse.  We focus on entry points, pedestrian doors, overhead doors, electrical conduits, water sources; break rooms, drop-ceilings in office spaces and the building’s exterior perimeters. (Fence Lines, Dumpster Areas, Storage Buildings etc).

A building assessment

Helps us to locate any structural designs that are favorable to specific pests and then we create a plan to insure that these pests are unable to take advantage of the design for purposes of harborage or travel within the building.


Is the cornerstone to any successful pest control service. Advantage will inspect and then advise the customer of potential pest issues related to sanitation problems. Advantage understands the complexities of warehouse sanitation and will share ideas on ways to provide the highest level of pest control.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Is a philosophy of pest control that combines the use of inspection, documentation, sanitation, exclusion, mechanical traps, insect monitors, pheromone traps and chemicals when needed. By using all of these methods we create a program that elevates the level of pest control and makes buildings the least desirable for pests too live in.

Advantage Pest Control is ready to provide a comprehensive program specialized to fit the needs of your warehouse. Please call today @ 774-0457 to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for considering Advantage Pest Control.