Cluster Flies

Cluster fliesCluster flies are often found in commercial and residential buildings. These are large slow moving flies that enter buildings in the fall.  They get their name because of the large numbers they gather in, causing an irritating buzzing noise and leaving behind a greasy mark when crushed.

Cluster flies found in health care facilities may carry infectious bacteria on their bodies. They do not bite humans. They are a nuisance pest and can be controlled. Call Advantage today, we have a program specially designed to control these pests.

Cluster flies resemble house flies, but they are larger–5/16 inch long–narrower and appear to be non metallic grey. They overlap the wings at the tip, when at rest, where as the house fly does not. Their thorax is without distinct stripes, contains many short golden hairs, the dark grey abdomen is covered with hairs with dark and light areas. They become active whenever temperatures rise above 54 degrees farenheight inside.

Female cluster flies lay eggs singly in small openings of soil, in the vicinity of earthworms. The eggs hatch in three days, the larvae penetrate and develop in the bodies of earthworms. Their larval stage lasts 13-22 days and the pupal stage 11-14 days. The cluster flies life cycle is completed in 27-39 days. There are approximately four generations in the summer months. During summers with a lot of rain, populations may be greater.

Cluster flies do not breed inside buildings; they’re a nuisance in the fall when entering homes and also a nuisance in the spring when they awake from a state of dormancy. They are found in large numbers around people’s windows. They’re phototrophic (attracted to light) and this why so many end up inside homes in the spring. They squeeze through very small openings from window and door frames and lighting fixtures that lead to attic spaces.

Advantage has a great success record when it comes controlling Cluster flies and we want to offer our skills and techniques to solve your cluster fly problems. Please call today for details at 774-0457, we are ready to schedule service for your home or business immediately.

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