RatAdvantage Pest Control understands that without fail, these small invaders can find their ways into our homes through the smallest of openings. Along with them they can bring along disease. The CDC has noted that rats are responsible for the spread of more than twenty-five diseases, here are just a few; Murine typhus, Rat bite Fever, Trichinosis, Salmonellas, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Plague. Advantage is here to service your home or business to prevent rat presence or eliminate these pests from your property.

Norway Rats

Norway (Brown) rats produce 3-6 litters per year on average and can live up to 3 years under ideal conditions. Their nocturnal by nature and normally will drive out mice living in the same area.

These rats prefer subterranean nest sites and commonly found in crawl-spaces (which we enter often).  Their approximately 20-25 cm long with tails measuring up to 25 cm in length.

  • Rodents are responsible for than a billion dollars in damage annually in the united states.
  • Rats can fall 50 feet without injury.
  • Rats can jump 4 feet horizontally.
  • Rats can jump 2 feet vertically.
  • Rats have been documented swimming up to ½ mile in open water.
  • Rats can chew through plumbing traps and regularly use sewer lines to travel.

Advantage Pest Control’s philosophy to rodent control is to exclude them from all possible entry points of a building.  Perform a thorough inspection of the property and advise the owner/management of any issues that would need to be corrected to obtain the best results.  A comprehensive rodent control plan using professional methods would be presented and put into action after your approval.

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